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Sale And Purchase Of Ships (S&P)

Founded in 1997, CEMASTCO is a leading shipbroking company. Our highly reactive and experienced team works in the field of Sale & Purchase of all types and sizes of commercial ships, floating units and port equipment. We always support our clients at all stages of the transaction.

The benefits to our customers are clear: safe, reliable and competitive maritime solutions.

There are about 1000 vessels candidates in our database thus feel free to contact us even if you have not found a suitable candidate in the list.

Please note that we are connected to the world’s most respected S&P brokers and using our network is covering them all when you look into buying or selling tonnage. One message to us covers the market. Saving you time and efforts.

For more information & enquiries:
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skype: cmibik; snp@cemastco.com
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Geared gencargo vessel 24 300 DWT/2010 BLT for sale
CM0472 Geared gencargo vessel 24 300 DWT/2010 BLT Built: 2010, PRC Dimensions: LOA 160 m, BEAM 24 m, DEPTH 14 m, DRAFT 10 m Tonnage: GT: 15600 t, DWT: 24300 t, NT: 8185 t Class: RINA (IACS), ice class 1D, BWTS installed, next renewal survey Jan 2026 Main engine: MAN-B& W (Korea) 7050 hp, speed 12 knts on abt 15 mts HFO + 1.5 t MDO Lifting equipment: 2x cranes 30 t each (IHI Japan) Capacity: DWT: 24 300 t, vol. (grain): 29 000 t, 4Ho/4Ha, CO2 in holds Just after SS/BWTS. RINA class for 5 years. Well maintained. Trading Black/Med Sea ID on CEMASTCO.com: CM0472 Price: USD 5.5 m... read more

Length: 160m
Location: Greece
Price: $5,500,000
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ID: 655186  (Trade)
Posted: 11 days ago

Sea cargo vessel 4600 t dwt / 2013 blt for sale
Sea cargo vessels 4600 t dwt / 2013 blt for sale Built: 2013, Estonia Dimensions: LOA: 90 m, Beam: 14.5 m, Depth: 7.5 m, Draft: 5.7 m Tonnage: GT: 3290 t, DWT: 4600 t, NT: 1660 t, Class: Lloyd Register (IACS), next renewal survey June 2023 Main engine: 1x Wartsila (Finland) 2150 hp, speed 11 knts. Capacity: DWT: 4600 t, vol. (grain): 6030 cbm, 2Ho/2Ha, strengthened for heavy cargoes Excellent condition. Inspection on Baltic. ID on CEMASTCO.com: 0486 Price: Best offers invited https://www.cemastco.com... read more

Length: 90m
Location: Latvia
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ID: 612122  (Trade)
Posted: 28 days ago

High ice class ASD tug oil recovery ship 5000 HP/55 TBP for sale
Built: 2018, Turkey Dimensions: LOA: 37.2 m, Beam: 13 m, Depth: 5.7 m, Draft: 3.6 m Tonnage: GT: 565 t, DWT: 140 t, NT: 170 t, Class: RMRS (IACS), high ice class 1A (Arc 4), next renewal survey July 2023 Main engine: 2x Caterpillar 3516 2500 hp each. Total output: 5000 hp. Speed max 13 knts. Props: 2x Aquamaster Azimuth Thrusters Gen set: 2x 150 kW Capacity: Bollard pull 55 t, 5000 hp, FWD and AFT winches, tow hook IACS classed new built ASD tug/oil recovery ship. Tug is in tip-top condition. Inspection Marmara Sea. ID on CEMASTCO.com: CM0503 Best offers invited. As brokers we can ... read more

Length: 37.2m
Location: Turkey
Price: $5,200,000
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ID: 622293  (Trade)
Posted: 29 days ago

2x MR tankers 47 900 DWT / 2003 BLT for sale
2x MR tankers 47 900 DWT / 2003 BLT for sale Built: 2003, Korea Dimensions: LOA: 183.4 m, Beam: 32.3 m, Length: 175 m, Depth: 18 m, Draft: 12.5 m Tonnage: GT: 27830 t, DWT: 47900 t, NT: 13100 t, Class: DNV GL, Ice 1A, next SS: Aug 2023 & Nov 2023 Main engine: Hyundai B& W 15 000 hp at 127 rpm. Speed 13 knts - eco, 15.5 knts - max. Bow thruster: 1250 hp Gen set: 3х Capacity: DWT: 47 900 t, vol.: 49 550 cbm at 98%, 12x tanks, 12x cargo pumps 600 cbm/h each Epoxy coated, IGS COW SBT / IMO3 Trading East China Sea. Itineraries, full details incl. Q88 etc available against n... read more

Length: 184.4m
Location: South Korea
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ID: 627479  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

CM0529 Medium gas carrier vessel 29500 DWT / 1995 BLT for sale
CM0529 Medium gas carrier vessel 29500 DWT / 1995 BLT for sale Built: 1995, Japan Dimensions: LOA 180 m, BEAM 27 m, DEPTH 18 m, DRAFT 11.6 m Tonnage: DWT: 29500 t, GT: 23500 t, NT: 8050 t Class: IRS (IACS), next renewal survey Sep 2020 Main engine: 1x B& W 13700 hp Cargo capacity: 3x tanks, volume: 36800 cbm, Cargo pumps: 6x Deepwell 440 cbm/h (2 per tank), 2x 440 cbm/h Booster From direct Sellers, can give c/free dely during August ID on CEMASTCO.com: CM0529 Price: Please send your quiry we will guide you on price idea https://cemastco.com... read more

Length: 180m
Location: UAE
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ID: 641186  (Trade)
Posted: 2 months ago

CM0536 Newbuild composite floating dry dock 8500 TLC for sale
CM0536 Newbuild composite floating dry dock 8500 TLC for sale Newbuild composite floating dock 8500 TLC. Perfect quality, 9 month from order to delivery, 90+ floating docks already delivered worldwide. We are direct brokers of the shipyard. Built: 2020, Ukraine Tonnage: LOA 155 m, BEAM 32.4 m, DEPTH 4.8 m Lifting capacity of the dock: 8500 t Class: ABS (IACS), ✠ A1, Floating Dry Dock, UWILD Hull material: Marine reinforced concrete Wing-walls material: Shipbuilding steel Length of pontoon deck: 139.5 m Length overall with crinolines: 155.0 m Breadth between outer sides of pon... read more

Length: 155m
Location: Ukraine
Price: €9,000,000
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ID: 640748  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

CM0535 Self-discharge vessel 7300 DWT / 2010 BLT for sale
CM0535 Self-discharge vessel 7300 DWT / 2010 BLT for sale Converted into self-discharger in 2013, Bureau Veritas class, 7300 t dwt on 6.8 m draft, all top equipment, fresh IACS docs till 2025 Built: 2010, China (converted in 2013 in Turkey) Dimensions: LOA 120 m, BEAM 16.8 m, DEPTH 8.20 m, DRAFT 6.9 m Tonnage: DWT: 7300 t, GT: 5590 t, NT: 2360 t Class: Bureau Veritas (IACS) next renewal survey July 2025 Main engines: 1x Daihatsu (Japan) 3397 hp Aux generators: 2x Caterpillar (USA) 200 kW, 1x Caterpillar (USA) 64 kW Bowthruster: 280 kW Cargo capacity: Volume: 4665 cbm, 2Ho... read more

Length: 120m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 640749  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

CM0534 Aframax tanker 106500 DWT / 2002 BLT for sale
CM0534 Aframax tanker 106500 DWT / 2002 BLT for sale Built: 2002, Japan Dimensions: LOA 240 m, Beam 42 m, Depth 23.30 m, Draft 14 m Tonnage: DWT: 106500 t, GT: 57600 t, NT: 32100 t Class: DNV GL (IACS) next renewal survey Sep 2022 Main engine: 1x MITSUI-MAN B& W 15900 hp Aux generators: Wartsila 870 kW total Cargo capacity: Cargo tanks 12x, vol.: 114 400 cbm, slop tanks 2x, vol.: 4651 cbm, cargo pumps: 3x 2500 cbm/h, ballast pumps: 2x 1500 cbm/h Location: Singapore Area Remarks: Double hull, we ahve all details, plans, etc. ID on CEMASTCO.com: CM0534 Price: Best offers invit... read more

Length: 240m
Location: Singapore
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ID: 640750  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

CM0540 Crude oil/product/bunkering tanker/ 6400 DWT/2007 BLT for sale
CM0540 Crude oil/product/bunkering tanker/ 6400 DWT/2007 BLT for sale Dimensions: LOA 112 m, BEAM 15.8 m, DEPTH 8.8 m, DRAFT 6.9 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 6415 t, GT: 4032 t, NT: 1975 t Class: DNV GL (IACS), next renewal survey Dec 2021 Main engine: 1x G8300ZC 2400 hp Crane: 1x 5 t @ 18 m Cargo capacities: Volume (98%) 6700 cbm, 10x tanks, 2x segregations, 2x cargo pumps 750 cbm/h, epoxy coated, stst heating coils Remarks: Vessel currently trading Persian Gulf, inspectable by arrangement. Vessels rented sts/bunkering equipment may possibly be sold with vessel. ID on CEMASTCO.com: CM0... read more

Length: 112m
Location: UAE
Price: $4,000,000
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ID: 640743  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

CM0537 ASD/FiFi1/Oil recovery tugs 65 TBP/5000 HP/ 2012 BLT for sale
CM0537 ASD/FiFi1/Oil recovery tugs 65 TBP/5000 HP/ 2012 BLT for sale ASD Escort/Fi-Fi 1/oil recovery tugs 2012 blt, 5000 hp, 65 tbp, ABS (IACS) class Built: 2012, Singapore Tonnage: GT: 499 t, NT: 150 t Class: ABS (IACS) ✠ A1, Towing Vessel, Escort Vessel, Fire Fighting Vessel Class 1, Ⓔ, ✠ AMS, ✠ ABCU, next renewal survey Nov 2022 Main engines: 2x Niigata (Japan), 5000 hp Propulsion: 2x Z-Peller Niigata Speed: 13.2 kn (12 kn eco) Diesel Generators: 2x Volvo 130 kW Deck crane: 2.2 t SWL @ 8 m outreach Bollard pull: 66.5 t ahead, 61 t astern Towing equipment: F... read more

Length: 32m
Location: Senegal
Price: $3,700,000
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ID: 640747  (Trade)
Posted: 3 months ago

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